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We live in a dangerous world. Individuals, families and companies with significant assets need never risk loss due to kidnapping, ransom or extortion. Our KRE Insurance products mitigate your exposure and provide a crisis response management team to help facilitate favorable outcomes.

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Coverage Scenarios.

In this day and age, KRE Insurance is an absolute must for public and private corporations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), entertainers, sports teams, missionaries and any entity traveling, living or working overseas or living in areas of high risk.

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KRE facts and fictions

If you are here, you need to be informed and concerned. KRE is on the rise: 30,000 reported acts of Kidnapping, Ransom and Extortion are reported every year. The real numbers are even higher: Estimates indicate...

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XL Insurance. The world’s best crisis coverage.

XL Catlin is the exclusive provider of KRE Insurance products for 3 Oliver Agency, helping us to provide individuals and businesses the ability to safely navigate the risky world we live in. Due to the relationship 3 Oliver has with XL Group, plans can be designed to fit the needs of the client. This is a very important aspect.

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S-RM. Superior crisis response services.

S-RM is the premier provider of risk management solutions in the world today. Working with XL and 3 Oliver clients they can provide essential advice and support for businesses, private individuals, governments and aid organizations worldwide. This is a critical facet of KRE and only the best will do.

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Product Availability

"This policy cannot prevent an event, but it protects assets up to the desired level of policy coverage and dramatically improves the odds of the safe return of your loved one."

- John Oliver

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What is KRE?

Watch this video for a brief explanation of what KRE Insurance is, and how it can help. If you are interested in finding out more about solutions for your family, business or organization, give us a call 1-844-482-0499


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¿Qué es el Seguro de Secuestro, Rescate y Extorsión?

Vea en este vídeo una breve explicación sobre lo que es el Seguro de Secuestro, Rescate y Extorsión y cómo puede ayudarle. Si está interesado en saber más acerca de las soluciones para su familia, empresa u organización, llámenos al 1-844-482-0499